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  1. vastorms

    vastorms New Member

    Oh please help..I just got the lg axis as740.. the 1st few nights I was able to share and posy to my fb account..Now after I play a video as normal on youtube, I hit my share button on the phone, it goes to the fb loader share page and just sits there..I move the arrow up and down and side to side to get to the profile button, but it won't even go on it. Also I noticed beside the picure of the vid itself there is a tiny double arrow..I hit on that and nothing..ı went to the full fb site and was messing with my profile pix and then all the sudden I got this msg pop up it said video upload had been I went ti my setting on fb and everything was fine I must have messed up the settings on this thing..I did get a free trial of that norton bug virus scan and it said I downloaded some wallpaper from the market store that says michael jackson wallpaper..I did do it fixed that but I'm just so frustrated.....plz help some1..what should my settings be on this thing?

  2. try uploading on wifi instead of 3g.
  3. Awake00

    Awake00 Member

    Yes, try Wifi instead. However, Facebook app is known to break under updates. Try uninstalling the updates to facebook and see if that works. I know the current facebook update completely broke FB for my Axis.

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