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Help! My Battery Life is Terrible since update...exchange server relatedSupport

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  1. hyatt22

    hyatt22 New Member

    I received the update 3 days ago and I have a huge decrease in battery life ever since. When I look at the battery usage, it appears the exchange server is taking up more than 50% of the battery, this was NEVER the case before. In fact most often exchange wasn't even listed as an app using any battery life. I have also noticed it is taking much larger to charge the battery. Last night it was averaging 15% increase in battery for every 30 minutes it was plugged, way worse than it was previously. I have done some reading/research and tried uninstalling and reinstalling email and of course the popular reboot.

    Any suggestion on what might have changed in my settings? I switched from the EVO because it had a terrible battery life. I was really enjoying not being connected to the wall, so this is very frustrating!


  2. Waldys

    Waldys Well-Known Member

    After a FW upgrade, you can usually find glitches like these.

    Backup your data (KIES, or SD Card) and reset the phone.

    Just call "Star > 2767 > Star > 3855 > Pound"
  3. hyatt22

    hyatt22 New Member

    Thanks for the reply. I get the factory reset, although I hate to have to do it....but sorry for my ignorance, what do you mean by:
    Star > 2767 > Star > 3855 > Pound?
  4. hyatt22

    hyatt22 New Member

    As a follow up to my original post....I did a reset and everything was working fine. I then added back in my work email, using exchange, and the battery draining started. It takes a terribly long time to charge, and then can't hold the charge for very long. Without using the phone at all I ran through 20% of the battery in 1 hour.

    The charging time is also terrible. It takes forever to charge back up.

    Again the battery usage shows the exchange server taking up all of the battery life, this was never any issue before the update.
  5. scotterob

    scotterob New Member

    Same is happening to me, updated two days ago and now Exchange is chewing up 67% of battery life, battery went from 15 hrs down to 4.5 before fail. Guh!!!

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