HELP !!!!! my fly touch 2 super pad wont bootSupport

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  1. mirreh

    mirreh New Member

    hi just joined and my fly touch 2 super pad arived this morning but i have a problem i cant get it to boot i have charged it for 7 hrs now the red light was on and now it wont stay on its not green when i unplug it and when i try to boot up i feel the viberation and a faint sound of the fan going but there was nothing on the screen can anybody help me please i waited a month for this unit and now it wont work its driving me bonkers . :confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused:

  2. Martimus

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    Welcome to the Android Forums!

    For quicker response try posting your question in the "Zenithink Tablets" forum of Android Tablets & Mids...

    Zenithink Tablets - Android Forums
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