HELP!! My Galaxy Mini GT-S5570 got totally bricked!

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  1. enalbinsmith

    enalbinsmith Member

    Few days ago I upgraded my galaxy mini to gingerbread using Odin multi downloader v4.38. there was no problem phone running the gingerbread.

    I got it rooted too

    Until yesterday I installed some few apps from the market (I didn't exactly remember the names) but I think I installed an apps related to bootrooms or something (I still cant remember the name :confused: it can make sd card partition too and asking for superuser permission)

    After running it and trying some few settings, suddenly my screen goes black. and it bricked forever! I already tried to get into download mode (volume down+home+power) nothing happened!
    I take the battery out, sd card out, sim card out, and repeat all over again.
    I even tried pressing every button combination (power+home), (volume up+home+power), etc, but it is just dead. nothing on the screen! :(

    but Odin still can detect it ("detected" "connected" status) but if we cant get the phone to download mode then it's useless right?

    It's totally dead now. Can something like this cause a hardware damage? or this is just a firmware/software problem?

    Help me please! or the only way is to get it to the service center? :(:(

  2. fahim74

    fahim74 Member

    The same thing happen to me also but my phone bricked due to rom manager. I could not get to the download mode but odin still detect my phone. It was new....And u have installed a new frimware on ur mini that already void ur warrenty and i heard that if they found any vertion which is not official, they won't repair ur phone..But u can give urself a try to fix it using odin but with original frimware. The originar frimware of mini is available on androidangle website... Download it and flash it using odin... Hope that work be4 sendin it to service center....
  3. enalbinsmith

    enalbinsmith Member

    Thank you for the reply, but I tried everything and none works. I just going to get it to samsung service center next week and wish for some luck :(
  4. fahim74

    fahim74 Member

    Hmmmm. Nice then and it is hard brick and i they have to replace ur motherboard
  5. enalbinsmith

    enalbinsmith Member

    Hey, yesterday, I got my Mini back from samsung service center. and they fixed it free of charge. because they said the warranty will only void if there are any hardware damage. mine just software. so I think they wiped it clean. and install a fresh OS. I lost my gingerbread, but no problem. I can use it again (back to the experiment table, now.LOL) :)
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  6. carlofangon

    carlofangon New Member

    enalbinsmith do you buy your cellphone in the samsung mobile store??
  7. enalbinsmith

    enalbinsmith Member

    no, I just bought it from a common mobile phone shop in a mall. but they give the original samsung warranty
  8. luongson

    luongson New Member

    Hi, I am from vietnam. I got the same brick problem after downloading rom manager. I took my mini galaxy (in warranty) to samsung service center last friday, and the technician told me privately to help me recover it free for only this time. Today I rang him but he told me that some spare part had not arrived yet, he would try asap within this week. Could you friend please tell me, this is not hardware damager right? What kind of spare part do they have to replace if it is only software fault. How does it take so long time?
  9. enalbinsmith

    enalbinsmith Member

    Hello there, as far as I know this is only software failure. But when I took my Mini last week they were mentioning something about IC parts that could be short-circuited. I didn't ask any further about this, afraid they might find out the cause of the bricking (which I didnt tell them).

    As for my case I think this only a software failure. but if it was the damaged IC, it think they covered me for the new IC replacement. because it still in warranty, the hologram seal was never removed, and no visible physical damage. It only took them one day to fix it. the next day my Mini is ready with factory setting OS.
    Did you ask the technician which part does he mean? and why only free for that one time??
  10. luongson

    luongson New Member

    Thank you enalbinsmith, I think I would ask him again this friday. This technician know my mini got lost of software as once I asked him how did my mini take so much battery as it could only surf web for less than 5 hours. I think software loading is not void warranty rite? according to samsung warranty policy Th
  11. khalilo

    khalilo New Member

  12. enalbinsmith

    enalbinsmith Member

    luongson, yes in samsung warranty policy only hardware failure (which is caused by user himself) will void the warranty. I think it's the authorized service center, since it using SAMSUNG name on it. and yes, you should ask for explanation from the guy. Good luck!
  13. enalbinsmith

    enalbinsmith Member

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  14. luongson

    luongson New Member

    Wowuh text to you by mine 'return to the base' again from SAMSUNG warranty, free of charge. Feek like a brand new one with over 160mb free internal. Thank you all. Will recommend all to use samsung. :)

  15. arslan

    arslan New Member

    I am having problem with my galaxy mini!!
    I can't adjust the volume of FM radio. the display show reduction in volume level but the volume in headset remains the same(very loud)
    the volume adjustment is working fine other then FM Radio.
    I can't understand the problem? Is this had to do with headset or what?
  16. enalbinsmith

    enalbinsmith Member

    I believe the problems is not on your headset. it must be in the FM app itself. but..I don't really understand about the FM radio app in galaxy mini. I never use it. maybe you should try resetting all the FM channels or reboot your android
  17. Brancante

    Brancante New Member

    It worked, thank you, you saved my phone
  18. HeartForMK

    HeartForMK New Member

    Hi people!
    I got bricked my galaxy mini gt-s5570, but not totaly (that means I can still use the download mode, and RAMDUMP ARM9 mode) but I can't power up the phone. That happened after I used ODIN for gt-s5570 and changed the Kernel (I forgot to make backup before), and device was working well with the new kernel, but after it I use the same step in ODIN to get back to the old one. So the result is, when I'm pushing the power key the screen starts to blinks and nothing more! :( But as I say download mode, and ARM9 mode are still working. Any solution for this? :confused:
  19. Fomelogo

    Fomelogo Member

    Hello guys. I have carefully read through the whole thread, and I must say, boy there are a lot of different ways to brick a phone.
    Personally, i bricked my Samsung Galaxy MINI GT-S5570L because I upgraded to Gingerbread 2.3.4 through Odin v4.38. That was not the problem though. Actually i did not like Gingerbread because of 3 bugs (which I will be posting in another thread of course) The thing is that I wanted to downgrade to Froyo 2.2.1 (The original, the one the phone had at the moment i purchased it) and then my beloved phone went to deep sleep, meaning it was a hard-brick. The phone didn't respond to any button combination, but whenever I plugged the USB cable onto the port, Windows7 would give me the tipical sound any connected hardware makes.
    Bottomline: I fixed it, mostly thanks to the website, surfing arround the web to get a solution. Eventually i found out that a brick, no matter how hard it is, can be fixed (as long as it is just a software issue), and I signed up to JUST TO SHARE MY EXPERIENCE hoping that some that have had bricked his phone, could fix it.
    Even though i don't remember the exact and precise combinations, here I go:

    (I think this set of steps works in these conditions: Hard-brick, absolutely non-responsive to any button combination. Odin still recognizes the phone when connected through USB port)

    1.- Remove both the SIM card and de microSD card.
    3.- Apply the Download-mode button combination (known by you all)
    4.- WHILE HOLDING THE COMBINATION, insert the battery, and keep the buttons pressed untill you get the download mode.
    5.- Flash your phone with a valid firmware through Odin (Preferebly, have Odin prepared before doing this trick)

    I finally flashed it widh Gingerbread 2.3.4 but i don't really like it, because it ended up a little buggy, which i am still trying to get rid of.
    Anyway, i hope this helps.
    Have a nice day
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  20. japizz

    japizz New Member

    I got my Samsung Galaxy Mini bricked when I turned it off after rooting and installing ROM Manager. Now it doesn't start up, doesn't go to recovery mode or downloading mode... Even Odin or Windows 7 doesn't detect it. I see only black screen and nothing else. So is it totally bricked or can I still fix it? Guess that warranty is voided, but it didn't cost me much, only 100 euros. If its totally bricked and theres nothing I can do (i wont take it to store so they could fix it up) which android phone should I buy?
    Reply plssss i need help Thnx!! :confused:
    Edit: The Battery out and 3button combination thing doesn't work
  21. Fomelogo

    Fomelogo Member

    About the phone, for what i've heard and read, you shouldn't install ROM manager to a Samsung Galaxy mini. For some reason, a mini can't handle that app. So my wild guess (take it as a highly possible wrong guess) that there's nothing (or maybe just one thing) you can do: doing the thing i've read "jig" method... You should look it up...
    Jig method for unbricking a phone (i was this close to doing it)
    it envolves using a spare micro USB cable (that you will have to cut open eventually) and a resistance... i read a tutorial about it, and if you can't get to it, i will help you look it up.

    About the android phone you should pick up, in case your mini died, I'm just not the right person to tell you this, as the Galaxy mini is my first android phone. Probably you can just google "best android phone" and you will get a very good idea.

    I sincerely hope you fix your phone, i know bricking a phone can be a pain in the butt... i sincerely do hope you fix it
  22. dangolok

    dangolok New Member

  23. SMCTV

    SMCTV New Member

    i use these keys as you say but it cannot show my phone in odin downloader ., so please tell me to how to solve it... i m using Galaxy 5
  24. maksemy

    maksemy New Member

    hi guyz
    a have just read the whole history about the upgrading of galaxy mini from its original version to gingerbread 2.3.6. i have tried to download the gingerbread 2.3.6 JVKT1 zip package but am continually experiencing error in downloads midways. What should be the problem because am sincerely in love with the experience. kindly Help me out.
    thanks in advance
  25. mrignacius

    mrignacius New Member

    For anyone who bricked their phone , use a usb jig to solve the problem ...

    How to use it ????
    One word :
    Youtube .......

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