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  1. Mikeylos

    Mikeylos New Member

    Hey everyone, all of a sudden my notification bar ( the top bar that displays missing calls/new messages/ the time) is disappearing within 5-10 minutes of turning on the phone. Everytime i reset the phone it shows up for a few mins and then boom gone again. And also now when i get phone calls it rings but doesnt pop up that someones calling so I just see the home screen with no option to answer the call :(. Please help if everyone has a suggestion how to fix these issues. I have not downloaded any apps or made any modifications to the phone ( i wouldnt know how). This is a replacement phone but I have had it for more than 2 months. The only new app on my phone showed up by itself today it was google play replacing the old app store by itself. Thanks

  2. A3h3g3

    A3h3g3 New Member

    i havr the same problem on my motorola atrix. It has something to do with the new update from android. I even went to the at&t store and they gave me two brand new phones and within a minute the exact same problem. So not your phpne thats bad. The att place said they cant fix it or gove me a differreent phone...just wait it out til they fox the update. :( did find put you can press your phone/contact icon (the one you press tp make a call) when the phone is ringing and the person calling you has their name pop up like normal.
    Let me know if you find out anything to fix it. They also rebooted my phone 10is times at the store and np help. They had no clue what to do
  3. Jpeluso8

    Jpeluso8 Active Member

    Did you ever figure out how to fix this? My phone just did the same thing after I did a corporate sync..
  4. Mikeylos

    Mikeylos New Member

    I had to factory reset it, Have not had a problem since i did it. Sucks but backed up my pictures and videos before hand. Actually runs a lot better now that i reset it.
  5. dingpud

    dingpud Member

    Exact same problem here on a Droid X. Exact same symptoms. Would rather not do a factory reset if I can help it.
  6. dingpud

    dingpud Member

    Has anyone found a solution other than a factory restart?

    I've noticed that this only happens when data is enabled. If I use the phone by itself, not issue...notification bar is there.

  7. thiagotargino

    thiagotargino New Member

    Disabling Mail notifications worked for me on Milestone 2 :)
  8. pastoryoshi

    pastoryoshi Member

    I don't know why mine disappeared, i turned it off and on and off and on but nothing changed. However: when holding the power button for 3 seconds it comes up with a choice of 3 options "turn off" "airplane mode" or "restart." Instead of turning off and then back on, I tried "restart" and then it fixed the missing bar. I only did it a few minutes ago so i don't know if the bar will disappear again. but it is working for now.

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