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Help my phone keeps hanging up on calls!Support

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  1. fsb

    fsb Member

    Can someone give a little advice to a novice android user about how to fix this issue? Please?

  2. fsb

    fsb Member

    106 views, and nothing? thanks
  3. fihab

    fihab Member

    Who's your carrier? When is the last time you've checked for updates to the OS? When is the last time you dialed *228 (if your carrier uses *228) How good is your signal when on a call - not on a call? Does it fluctuate? When did the issue start? Does it happen everywhere or just at home? Has it always been like this even before you started customizing your phone? Is the phone rooted or flashed? What apps if any did you download before the issue started? Have you tried uninstalling those apps to see if the issue still occurs? How many processes are running in the background? Have you tried turning off your data when you're not online or before you make calls to see if that helps? These are all questions that your tech support should be asking... Apps pose the biggest interference with phone functionality from my experience. Save your contacts and pictures and sounds to your sd card or transfer them to your computer, I suggest wiping your phone and starting fresh and don't forget to check for updates again if you do.
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  4. fsb

    fsb Member

    following all these steps in the order you stated them as questions.
    Thank you!
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