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  1. Shinryu18

    Shinryu18 New Member

    Help me please this is urgent! When i charge my SG7+ for 3hours after it is low battery and shut itself but there is problem with this too because there is no battery icon when i charge it like other time! And when i switch the on power.. Nothing happen! HELP ME PLEASE!

  2. vobguy

    vobguy Well-Known Member

    Well, my guess is the reason it doesn't turn on is that it is still out of power.

    If no battery icon came on the screen when you charged it, IMO it probably didn't actually get charged.
    If you used USB or a cig lighter port to charge, try a wall socket.

    If you used the wall charger, double check that your charger was fully in the wall, the socket was working, nothing wrong with your cord.

    You can test the charger at least by plugging in some other device by USB cord and seeing if it is getting power, but of course that doesn't help if it is your cord.

    If you have another cord, try that one.

    I haven't had any cords go bad yet, but I have had bad connections before when I thought I was charging and woke up to a dead tablet.
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  3. Shinryu18

    Shinryu18 New Member

    Thanks so much bro! Your were right. It is still in critical low. And i use my auntie charger and it works perfectly but when i already charge it fully until 100% then after 1 day later.. It goes to low again but not critical,it still have 10% battery and then i use my charge, its working but the battery remain 10% after i left it for 5hrs,can u solve me this too?
  4. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor Guide

    Your charger is probably broken.

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