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Help. My video won't play on my HTC Evo

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  1. lshuemake

    lshuemake New Member

    Ok all. I know there is probaly another thread on here just like this one so I am sorry for starting a new one. I just couldn't find a thread to answer the question I have.

    I have an HTC Evo 4g and I cannot play videos from my personal recordings to you tube. It plays the audio perfectly but no picture and when i do try to play a video it locks my phone up until the audio is finished. Every once and a while I can get it to force close the application but most of the time I have to power down my phone and start it back up again. Please Help....

  2. So are you trying to play a video on your phone? Or a video off youtube?
  3. lshuemake

    lshuemake New Member

    Both. Neither will play anything other than audio.
  4. What are the video details? Codec, resolution, bitrate? And for the youtube problem, are you using the youtube app or the website? Are you on 3g or wifi?
  5. Maybe the resolution from YouTube is too high and your mobile phone can not handle it. Or the net work is not so good. Maybe you can try to set back to factory format.
  6. lshuemake

    lshuemake New Member

    I haven't changed anything from factory. I am trying to play from youtube app. i am using 3g. I don't ever use wifi. Not sure on the codec or anything like that. I just know that when i got the phone everything worked great and about 3 weeks ago i was unable to view youtube or my personal videos. Sorry I don't have any further information.

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