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  1. estib

    estib New Member

    I am new to this forum and Android, and am usually quite computer savvy, but I am having great trouble trying to get things on to my new tablet - M1050S.

    I have at last managed to get books on to it by putting them on my sd card and having to "mount and dismount " it. I cannot see any way of just moving things over by usb, and as yet cannot find any use for them at all?

    I have still not worked out how to get my music onto this tablet either!

    I am sure that it is all quite simple, but I need the help of some of you kind people out there who understand how to work android.

    I would be grateful for any help or tips that anyone could give me :confused:

  2. Chocula

    Chocula Member

    I don't have a tablet, but I'd imagine the file system would work the same as my phone since it's Android. If you have a data cable for your tablet you can plug it in and click "Open Folder To View Files" when your PC prompts you, or you can take the card out and put it in a reader to access/transfer files from your pc to the card. To access your MP3s on your tablet, open it up on your PC and create a folder called Media or MP3 or Music(for organizing it). Place all of the music you want in there. Once mounted back on your tablet, you should see it when you open your media player. If your tablet doesn't have internal storage, an SD card is going to be the best way. If you do have internal storage, you can plug your tablet to a data cable, then into your pc and open the drive via windows explorer(or what ever file system you have). Another option is a cloud service, like DropBox. This will allow you to have access to a larger amount of files anywhere.
  3. estib

    estib New Member

    Sorry, I think that I might have put that wrong.

    I have got folders with music in on my main computer that I wish to put on to my tablet. I have tried putting them on to a sd card, and I can get them over, but not in any folders, just all muddled up - which is not what I want. I need to be able to access the music b folders not artists.

    I cannot get them up to dropbox, because I cannot get them onto the tablet :( not in the form that I want anyway.

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