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  1. Noob Dood

    Noob Dood New Member

    I just did an update suggested by my Droid Bionic and now the Text Message function is not working. I cannot text, none of my old texts are showing up, and I keep getting a blank screen when clicking text messages that eventually says Text Messaging is Not Responding.

    Can anybody please help me?

  2. Rush

    Rush {<>}~{<>}


    Welcome aboard.

    I moved this thread to its area of support for faster responses. Hopefully someone with this device might be able to assist you.

    Frankly, I would suggest clearing data from the messaging app ( menu - settings - applications - messaging) or do a "reset" of the device.

    Best of luck. :)
  3. Noob Dood

    Noob Dood New Member

    Thank you for responding. What do you mean by reset? I just did a clear cache as suggested on another message board ("reboot system now" was the final step) but there was no change to the existing state. The thread here: shows multiple people with the same exact issue from this past week....

    Thanks for anything.
  4. PowerBomb

    PowerBomb Well-Known Member

    Settings > privacy > factory data reset. This will clear user data on the internal sd card, so if you have pictures or anything just make sure they are on your external sd card. Or just take the phone to a Verizon store rather than trying to fix a problem that they caused.

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