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  1. pakilad

    pakilad Member

    I am new to forum so please bear with me if i do something stupid.
    I bought my new GS4 on 6th May 2013, First day after its launch in Pakistan. Sold my GS3 and got it New S4.
    Now here are the problems i am facing. Please note non of my Andriod phones were roted.
    The GS3 problems that i was having was phone use to become very hot and bettery life was very bad. I had 32 GB external memorry card and most of the time the phone use to say that card removed or has errors. The phone was very slow. ( This is the main reson i changed it so quicly)

    Now the first day i bought GS4 the phone was awsome and everything i was doing it did in snap. as soon as i start to put in apps it became a little slower.
    and last night twice it said memory card removed! same as GS3 :confused:

    We dont have customer support in Pakistan so i want you fine people to help me what i am doing wrong?

    The Apps that i put in from Play Store:

    facebook pages
    Yahoo messenger
    Opera Mini
    Angry Birds all 5
    Tic Tac toe
    Bottle crash
    Papper toss
    Clean Master
    File Lock ( most of my WMV files to be locked in External sd card)
    Audio Manager ( hide it pro) ( Hide Video pics in Phone Memory)

    and lastly i use Go Launcher and some of it widgets like to do list.
    Nothing else i put in but the phone is little slower like when i push contacts it takes half a second to open. and last night twice it says that the SD card was removed i did not remove it, also i noticed that first 2 days when i lift the phone it use to vibrate now it is not vibrating when i lift up.
    I love my new phone and don't want to change it at least for good 6-8 months.
    your help and input is highly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance
    Rafaqat :)

  2. CrimsonPride

    CrimsonPride Well-Known Member

    The sd card problem sounds like your sd card has gone bad. I had the same thing happen to my last 32gb card, havent had any problems since replacing it. As for the slowing down problem, i tend to think it is an app. I know the skype app is particularly bad, more in the terms of draining battery, dont know if it slows down phones or not. I would uninstall it for a little while and restart my phone to see if it helps any, if not its probably another app i dont have experience with
  3. pakilad

    pakilad Member

    Thank you for your quick reply. Butt the SD card works fine on my LAP top and other devises. i formatted it so many times and put all my stuff back. it is kingston brand. Skype is really important for me due to business purposes. 5 min agao again phone notification said that the card was removed ( the phoen was idle for 15-20 min) this is frustrating for me.
    do you suggest that i transfer all file to my desktop from SD card, format the SD card in the phone and then copy all the stuff back?
  4. pakilad

    pakilad Member

    now the mobile is doing same as s3 every time i touch it it says card removed then says preparing card.... :(
  5. Eric618

    Eric618 Well-Known Member

    Get a new SD card.
  6. Sierra255

    Sierra255 Well-Known Member

    Yep. I had similar problems with my Galaxy S2 (phone became extremely sluggish, kept getting SD card errors, etc.) and the fix was to replace the external SD card.
  7. pakilad

    pakilad Member

    we have only Kingston SD cards available here in Pakistan.........which class is compatibly with GS4?
  8. lotus49

    lotus49 Well-Known Member

    It seems almost certain that the issue is with the card bearing in mind that you have had exactly the same symptoms with two different phones.

    Some devices are very sensitive to exactly which card you use. It can be annoying for a card to work fine in one device but not another but it's a common problem.

    The only way you will know for sure is to buy another card and see whether that works but I'd buy a different brand just in case.

    Any class will be compatible but you really want a class 10 card for a phone like the S4. I find it almost impossible to believe that other brands of micro SD card can't be bought in Pakistan, at least by mail order. Don't buy one on eBay without being extremely careful, almost all the cheap cards on eBay are fakes.
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  9. pakilad

    pakilad Member

    only few brands like KIngston, which is the best available....another thing now why the phone is not vibrating when i lift it? also why it is slower now?
  10. lotus49

    lotus49 Well-Known Member

    SanDisk are very reputable and I have never had a problem with a SanDisk SD card.

    The slowness may be connected with the fact that the card has errors but it could be hundreds of other causes. My phone never vibrated when I picked it up so I can't help there.
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  11. pakilad

    pakilad Member

    ok i will buy scandisk this time.......i really hope it works........ do you think i should try remove all the data from my old card and paste again? format in phone,will this help
  12. pakilad

    pakilad Member

    is there any difference if i buy class 4-8 or 10, i can get class 10 from kingston?
  13. shopkins0001

    shopkins0001 New Member

    Help needed

    I hope i have put this in the right place it is my first post.

    I would like to find out the name of the android system file that holds the settings for the lay out of icons on a screen,

    i have found when moving from phone to found re loading from Google is great for your user data how ever you still have to manually go in and set up all your icons and short cuts ect is the a way of automation or semi automating this process, some sort of a config file that can be copied over

    any help would be great

    Galaxy S4
  14. Steven Haynes

    Steven Haynes New Member

    Is there a way to have a custom messenger similar to having the custom home screen?
  15. johnny_w

    johnny_w Well-Known Member

    Your best bet to get an answer to your question is to post it in it's own thread. Especially if it has little or nothing to do with the original question.
    Anyway, there are many custom messenger apps. A popular one is Hangouts. It will handle mms messages as well as it's own proprietary messages that are treated as data. That way they don't count as mms messages if you have a limited number of texts on your plan. The downside of the proprietary Hangouts messages is that the receiver must also have Hangouts installed.
  16. Steven Haynes

    Steven Haynes New Member

    I'm completely new to this so thanks for the advice on starting a thread. As well thanks for the information about the messenger, appreciated.

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