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  1. Bhaalian

    Bhaalian New Member

    Hello guys and gals:), I'm not to good with phones so when I was given a phone to fix for a friend a week ago, I was unsure how to fix it, the problem is when u start the phone up it loads up and once the main screen of the phone appears there's a hundred screens that appear saying that all the apps won't start up and to force close them, and as u do more appear in there place, then after a few mins of spamming force close the phone crashes and goes back to the start up screens and just loops through them constantly, I've tried resetting to factory settings using the three button startup method, I've also downloaded kies to my pc, but that won't recognize that the phones attached to the USB port, I've tried installing USB drivers on my pc for galaxy y but still won't accept the phone, so am unsure what to do from here, or what caused the problem in the first place, my friend said she as trying to download to many apps at once and that caused it.but that don't seem to make sense to me, so please if anyone can help with getting this thing back to working it would be greatly appreciated, taking the phone back to store isn't an option, oh when I. Was trying to get the pc to recognize it I took out ad card, then shut it down and restarted it whilst connected to USB, nothing won't connect or do anything other than spew out messages and crash, thanks for reading and I look forward to any help recieced, take care and have fun. Mark

  2. Frisco

    Frisco =Luceat Lux Vestra= VIP Member

    Greetings, Mark. Sorry to see that you are having to deal with what is essentially an inoperative Galaxy Y.

    Your description is that of an Android device that has been root exploited, and then raked nearly clean of essential system apps and their related services. Some users refer to this condition as "soft bricked." A "hard brick" would show nothing on the screen at all.. no boot loop, nothing but the black screen.

    It is possible to cause a new operating system to be installed in such a device, but special equipment would likely be needed. Some Samsung Galay Y devices respond to a regimen of un-bricking outlined here:

    How to Unbrick/Flash Samsung Galaxy Y S5360

    I'd give that a shot first. Please post back your results.. you may be able to fix it. Go slowly, carefully of course. :)
  3. Bhaalian

    Bhaalian New Member

    Thank you il try it, thought nobody could help there, il read it through first before I try anything, :)

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