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Help needed with GPS on PhoneSupport

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  1. Hi
    Please excuse my complete ignorance on these matters I am completley new to anything to do with Mobile phone having only had a very basic PAYG phone previously.
    I have just got a LG P350 on contract with Tesco's and it has a gps feature on it which uses Google now as I only have 500m of data allowance per month am assuming that to use the sat nav feature for a journey eg 100 miles is not realistic and will soon eat up my 500m allowance . Is there a better way of useing a GPS/satnav on a phone . ie is their an android app that can do this without eating into the monthly 500m allowance?

    I did start this request with the statement that I am ignorant in these matters so if I am talking/ asking / expecting the impossible could some one please be gentle with me and explain Thanks in advance for any help / advice given

  2. Please somebody reply to my questions above its had plenty of viewings but no replies as Yet .. HELP
  3. Hello
    somebody must know the answer to my Questions above it now has 94 viewings and nobody has yet answered my question :-(
  4. Tsarli

    Tsarli Well-Known Member

    Just bought an Me P350 last night. I've used the GPS and have found it to be quite responsive and quick. You don't need to use data (3G, WiFi, etc.) to use GPS. It'll work whether or not you're online because it derives its data from satellites (that's the "S" in GPS).

    You will need to be online to use navigation apps though. To save on data usage I just use Mapdroyd. It's an offline map app that functions without the need for an internet connection. Check it out on the Android Market. It's free.
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  5. Thanks Tsarli
    I will have a look Maproyd
  6. bobi421

    bobi421 New Member

    hey I just bought an Me P350 before 3 days ago ..and my navigation doesnt work ? please help
  7. dh4m13l

    dh4m13l New Member

    Try ndrive. It's paid just once, you don't need to be online.

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