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  1. Daisy606

    Daisy606 Member

    I'm having problems with certain apps on my 4.0.3 tablet.

    (see here for my tablet)

    I can download BBC iPlayer and media player but when I open them it says that iplayer cannot be accessed outside of the UK. I am in the UK.

    Also, when I download Google+, Play Store shows the UK icon (the red one) but when it installs it's a different icon and Google+ isn't the same as my other tablet or phone.

    I had the problem with iPlayer on an android TV box and change some settings to fix it but I can't find the same settings on my tablet.


  2. Podivin

    Podivin VIP Member VIP Member

  3. Daisy606

    Daisy606 Member

    Thanks. It's not compatible with my tablet so I'll have to manually install it.

    When I had the problem with my TV box I was unable to see BBC iPlayer in the Play Store until my settings were correct. I think it's odd that I can see BBC iPlayer but can't use it this time.

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