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  1. zeinia

    zeinia Member

    Hello everyone,

    I am new here so i hope i am posting in the right place,

    So i got my SGS2 last month,i love it,everything seems to be fine,i was learning tips and tricks everyday and loving it more and more,but then i noticed that in all the youtube videos when they rotate the phone,screen would rotate automatically,everytime,and mine didn't do that much frequently,it had like its own will and it would rotate sometimes and sometimes it would not,since i wanted my qwerty keyboard in landscape mode so i started looking into it,(the auto rotation was turned on)

    First thing i found was horizontal calibration,tried it,it will go on for hours with out saying "calibrated" i finally had to take out the battery to switch off the phone and then re start it,with no different results.

    Then i found *#0*# test,tried that,first the magnetic sensor was moving had a blue or a green line on it and i think number "2" was written on it,i read that when i rotate the phone the x,y,z readings should change ,but they weren't ,i tried image test and after rotating phone for a few times the values started changing and the image rotated,i went back to home screen and text screen also rotated and i was happy,but then after half an hour or so i picked up my phone and it again wasn't auto rotating,i did *#0*# again and this time magnetic sensor had green light on and number 3 and it was moving but when i did the image test it didn't move at all.
    So finally i thought i need to put it for calibration again no matter ho long it takes,i did it again,took hours and hours all my battery was drained,and when i plugged it and re started,auto rotation was totally gone and now when i do *#0*# the sensor has a red light saying "need for calibration",accelerometer sensor has no readings and gyro selt test says "FAIL" (i don't even understand whats gyro selt test :s )

    I am really freaked out here,did i damage something? plz plz plz help me,i tried reading through the forums but half the lingo i don't understand ,plz be easy with the language,i am begging for help,my family was really not happy i got this expensive phone,and now if something happens to it :( sorry for the long post,i'll anxiously wait for replies.


  2. Shotgun84

    Shotgun84 Well-Known Member

    It looks to me like its a hardware problem. Since its only a month old its probably best to take it back to where you got out and ask them to sort it under warranty.

    Although doing a factory reset may solve the problem if you haven't tried so already.
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  3. zeinia

    zeinia Member

    is there no other way ? :(
  4. Shotgun84

    Shotgun84 Well-Known Member

    It might be worth hanging on for a bit before doing the reset. There's cleverer people than me on the forum so someone else may have a better solution.
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  5. zeinia

    zeinia Member

    thanks a lot for the replies,i'll wait for other members too,just can't wait,i am really nervous :) :(
  6. bomber12

    bomber12 Well-Known Member

    I'm new to this galaxy forum, only had my S2 for 48hours. I did have an HTC Hero and had all sorts of problems with the gyro and compass. All my problems were caused by the case I had around my phone. It was the magnetic clip which upset the phone.
    Is your phone in a case with a magnetic clasp. If yes, try it with the phone out of the case.
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  7. zeinia

    zeinia Member

    Thanks for the reply,

    yes it was in a case with magnetic clasp,right from the start,but all those procedures i mentioned above were done with out the case on,and its still out of case and with the same problem.

    Should i try and calibrate it again? but can someone tell me how long calibration takes,coz mine goes on for hours and hours with out any results until the battery drains and the phone shuts down.
  8. bomber12

    bomber12 Well-Known Member

    Just calibrated my S2.
    The Gyro calibration counted down from 3 secs. Took 4 secs in total.
    The Horizontal calibration didn't have a countdown, but took 4 sec again.
    Hope this helps.
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  9. zeinia

    zeinia Member

    OMG mine takes hours with out any result :( and where is the gyro calibration? i can only see horizontal calibration in display settings.
  10. bomber12

    bomber12 Well-Known Member

    Try settings- display, then scroll down to the bottom. My gyro sensor calibration is located next to , and below Horizontal calibration
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  11. zeinia

    zeinia Member

    Its not,not in my phone I mean :-( there is only horizontal calibration ,what does that imply? This set is defective ? :-(
  12. bomber12

    bomber12 Well-Known Member

    It may be that your phone is running a different software version than mine. I have not rooted my phone. It's running version 2.3.3 at the moment, which seems to be older than a lot of members here.
    Have you tried moving your phone around in a figure of eight pattern. That used to be the technique to reset the gyros.
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  13. bomber12

    bomber12 Well-Known Member

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  14. zeinia

    zeinia Member

    Thanks a lot for continuous and prompt replies,can't thank you enough,i am realizing i am literally illiterate when it comes to these software terminologies.

    If you are talking about android version i have 2.3.4.And no i haven't tried the figure of 8 action,will definitely give it a try although i am not sure how to do that.

    And thanks for the app suggestion,i downloaded it ,but i am not sure how to use it,the bubbles just move a bit when i hit calibrate and the number written along both tubes is zero.

    I am desperately trying any suggestion that i can before returning the phone,i am in the middle east and not sure if Samsung would treat me the same here lolz :) .
  15. bomber12

    bomber12 Well-Known Member

    Try this youtube video which demonstrates the figure of 8 calibration method. Ignore the foreign soundtrack.

    How to calibrate HTC Desire's Compass - YouTube

    The video shows a compass being calibrated. You could install a free compass app from the market. With it installed, does it point North, and stay pointing north as you turn around.

    With the spirit level, does the bubble move when you tilt the phone up and down and twist?

    Your software version is more up to date than mine, but I don't think that's the problem.

    Don't give up yet.

    Have a look at this:-

    Scroll down and it talks about calibrating upside down.
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  16. zeinia

    zeinia Member

    Thanks a million again.

    I tried all of this,my compass needle is frozen,doesn't move at all (stays in one direction no matter how much i move the phone) and neither do the bubbles,i even did the factory reset but nothing,i think i am gonna go to Samsung,don't seem to have much choice :( .
  17. bomber12

    bomber12 Well-Known Member

    Zienia, I think you are right. I cannot help you any more. Sorry. If you take the phone into Samsung you could demonstrate the compass needle and bubble trouble.
    Best of luck.
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  18. zeinia

    zeinia Member

    Thanks a lot for your continuous support, sending this phone away is giving me physical pain :p but i know its for the best lolz. Any idea what their procedure is usually? Should they replace it or repair it ? I just hour whatever they do they do it fast.
  19. Russell Ng

    Russell Ng Well-Known Member

    Complain and try to get a replacement. Usually good shops have a return policy for a short period.
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  20. bomber12

    bomber12 Well-Known Member

    I believe the procedure depends on where you purchased the phone from. If it was from a shop, take it back, demonstrate the faults, and ask for a replacement.
    I bought mine on ebay. I have opened an account at:-

    I then registered my phone on the samsung web page. From their web page, I can organise a return, if needed.
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  21. zeinia

    zeinia Member

    Thank you so much for everyone's help,i went to the company that deals with Samsung's warranty here and they took the phone in and said if the software ins't fixable or if there is any hardware issue it would be replaced,and today i got the news that they have sent to Samsung for replacement approval,so i will get a new phone.

    I can't wait :d
  22. bomber12

    bomber12 Well-Known Member

    That's good news Zeinia. All the best, and thanks for updating us all on the outcome.

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