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    Oct 8, 2012
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    Hi all,

    I'm not new to installing roms, unlocking etc but this time I have had serious problems. I have an Orange SF2. I unlocked and install a new ROM then flashed Clockwork Mod using the instructions at giffgaff community then hit big trouble (phone wouldn't boot - stuck at green Android man, no recovery, no FTM).

    I used a TPT image to get back to scratch and I think I may have accidentally TPTd a Blade 2 image onto it.

    I'm out of ideas.

    I didn't realise Blade 2 isn't SF2 isn't Crescent. I belive I have a crescent (P736V).

    Now I'm trying to find either:

    A TPT image which will get me back to the start.

    A complete set of firmware to use with the ZTE Firmware flasher.

    I've not had much luck. Does anyone have any suggestions?


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