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  1. sango_savino

    sango_savino New Member


    I'm sorry if I'm just repeating a thread or such. I am very new to the whole android experience. If need be, I will delete this thread as soon as I get an answer to my question. :3

    I just purchased a LG Motion 4G, carrier is MetroPCS.
    I get absolutely no signal at my house and was wondering if there was any way to text (standard word texts, no pictures or videos) using my wifi?

    The old phone I had would text no matter what. I could be on a roaming signal and it would text just fine, and it was provided by Metro as well. I would have thought that a phone more advanced, such as my android, would have no problem doing the same.

    So is there a way to send texts through my wifi?

  2. ccnguyen

    ccnguyen Member

    I know att has a micro cell for poor coverage. Do ur research for ur provider
  3. sango_savino

    sango_savino New Member

    I can't afford to have a plan from providers such as AT&T or Verizon. MetroPCS is a widely used carrier in my area and generally gives no problems.
    Like I said, my last phone would text from my house no matter what and I would have thought that this phone would give me no problems as well.

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