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HELP!!! Noob here, Confused

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  1. harshat30

    harshat30 New Member

    Hey there,:eek:

    I wanted to learn how to edit my apk game files like changing lives, money or any pre-stored values.

    But i was so much confused with all the stuff i read in internet. I even wanted to create application and games but for step one editing is simpler.

    I had a game file and i used an extractor for apk file. Now i have these files.

    some pngs,(Which i can change if i wanted. Thanks)
    AndroidManifest.xml (Dunno what to do)
    classes.dex (Dunno what to do)
    resources.arcs (Dunno what to do)

    I guess that i have to play with the classes.dex file to make the modification.

    But show me the easier tool or way.:eek:




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