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help on chinese tablet running android running 2.1

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  1. cyrarchy

    cyrarchy Member


    ok i have just purchased a generic Chinese tablet running android 2.1.

    JoinTech - JPad JR70 (Android 2.1 Based)

    anyway my question is simple. can i upgrade it to android 2.2. if so. how?

    any other useful info on how to make the most of the device would be great.


  2. colin4unow

    colin4unow Well-Known Member

    Hi cyrarchy.
    The best useful info i can give you is. Make a note of your registration code and keep in in a safe place. You will need it. Also a web browser called skyfire it will allow some websites with flash. Do all updates with cable and not wifi. As for 2.2 in not sure but some say an update in February 2011 but this is just a rummer. hope some or all of this info useful
  3. tonygristina

    tonygristina Member

  4. cyrarchy

    cyrarchy Member

    thanks colin. what registration no. are you talking about? will def. try skyfire. hasnt 2.2 been out for some time?

    @tonygristina thanks for the link will try whats there.
  5. colin4unow

    colin4unow Well-Known Member

    On the 10" tablets you have a registration code label stuck to the bottom the tablet. but the label comes of or fades but you need this code after an update. Regarding 2.2 well if it becomes available for your tablet i believe it will update over the air (OTA) depending on the make and model. Just because 2.2 is out now that dose not mean all will get it now if at all. My wife has a HTC Android phone Hero and its 2.1 and always will be 2.1 I however have a HTC Desire and it updated to 2.2 automaticley (Hope this makes some sort of sense)....

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