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  1. shirish15294

    shirish15294 New Member This Topic's Starter

    Nov 12, 2010
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    Hi guys .. I am facing a strange problem witgh my galaxy 3 (brought it a week ago). I have entered the GPRS settings as per vodafone. i am able to connect to the internet via the default browser. but if i use any of the gmail apps or even the layar or samsung apps. error comes saying data connection not available. Now ...if i use wifi i get all the connections and everything works fine. Pleas elet me know whether any GPRS setting has to be done? . I have even taken it to the samsung service centre where he has rebooted the phone but still it din work

    another thing..
    in the apn settings there is a server field which is left blank. Pl. let me know what has be put in here...

    Please help me guys as i cannot do anything( maps etc) without this....


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