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Help on Timer and animation

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  1. TennFOX

    TennFOX Member

    Im working on a app that uses animation. Ive used the tAIR picture changer codeblock for changing the individual images to simulate the animation, but the tAIR uses a start and stop. once it fires off the action continues untill you tap the screen and stops the action.

    Im looking to change the code to fire off for either a certain amount of time or untill it goes thru the images in the list and stops. I have random sounds that fire off each time the screen is touched as well. So the end should be a tap on the screen causes the images to run thru the list -causing animation. And a sound fires off while the animation is going. Then all stops untill i touch the screen again.

    here are my codeblocks.

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  2. TennFOX

    TennFOX Member

    Got the answer for those who will need it.

    I set the timer of the first clock to 2000 and the timer in the blocks to 2000 and I put the cycletimer=false in the Else do block of the sound timer. So the click goes off and the images run thru while the sound plays then everything stops.

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