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    Oct 27, 2011
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    Hey Everyone. First post, I'm sure plenty more to come tho. :p

    I just got my WM8650 in the mail a couple days ago. I see a lot of people not getting into market, or saying its slow, but mine has been great so far. Almost every one of the apps i have picked up work great. Games work great. For once it seems I got the lucky draw! (hope i didn't jinx myself!) :p

    The only thing is, when i go to the App Screen (little square with 16 tiny squares inside it at the bottom right of the desktop) u see the apps you have, and at the bottom theres Lock, All, Games, Network, Tools, Media, and Home. Everything I have gotten is viewable in the 'ALL' category, but the Games is empty and others have a few icons tops. I have accumulated quite the lot of apps/games so far and that list will surely keep growing. I have tried everything I can think of to move the icons to their respective categories but but no success. Anyone have an idea or suggestion?

    thanks, Steve


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