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  1. Becky913

    Becky913 New Member

    I have read and researched the forums and the web trying to figure this out. But I still can't get it working. I am trying to Bluetooth my contacts from my StraightTalk Samsung SGH-T401G to my new StraightTalk Huawei Ascend Y (H866C). Both devices are able to find each other but the Ascend says paired but not connected and my file transfer says it failed on the SGH. Obviously it never reaches the Ascend or I wouldn't be on here! :) I know the PIN on my SGH is 0000 because I reset it. What is the PIN on the Ascend? Could this be the problem? Thanks in advance for any help you can offer!

  2. Syntacks

    Syntacks Member

    Perhaps the file format is not supported on the new device? Try putting the contacts in a zip file then sending it.
  3. Becky913

    Becky913 New Member

    The file type is .vcf
  4. Becky913

    Becky913 New Member

    It worked this morning but I am not sure why as I did not do anything different.

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