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HELP!!!: Panda Home

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  1. Hi There,

    I have an HTC Magic, and I have a bit of a issue with my Panda home and the theme I've installed on to it. It works well and everything, but I am unable to get the phone to keep the Theme permanently, for example, when you turn the phone off and the on again, it reverts back to the normal droid system theme, I have to go and open Panda Home to get the theme up. As well as, Task Killer also kills the theme as well.

    How can I get the phone to keep Panda Home running without reverting back?

    Much appreciated XD

    -Alexandra Rose

  2. robocop104

    robocop104 New Member

    Can you check if the setting to automatically rotate is not set?

    Home > theme settings > settings > dynamic theme.
  3. rolue

    rolue Active Member

    When the phone is on, hit the home button. You should see 3 options, Panda Home, Home and HTC Sence. Before you choose Panda, hit the check on the bottom " Use by default for this action". Then it should always go to Panda on its own. That's if I'm understanding what you mean.
  4. pjakesmith

    pjakesmith Guest

    That is a nice theme! Love it!
  5. Well, I tried the setting> Dynamic Theme. Thats a no go.

    I tried hitting home when the phone is on, and all it does it get rid of panda home theme, and returns to the normal HTC one. But when you hold the home button down, it just comes up with quick links (to like messaging, etc).
    Im not suring if I have done it right though... =S
  6. InstantKarma

    InstantKarma Well-Known Member

    Don't hold down the Home button, just click it. It should give you those options (make sure you select "Make default" before you select Pandahome).

    If it's not giving you those options, go to Settings>Applications>Manage Applications>Home (not Pandahome), and select Clear Defaults. After you've done that, click the Home button and it should then give you your options.
  7. Fantastic! That worked perfectly! Thankyou for your help guys, I really appreciat it =D

    Happy New Years and thankyou again :)
  8. InstantKarma

    InstantKarma Well-Known Member

    Glad to help. :)
  9. X-Ter

    X-Ter Well-Known Member

    There's an app called Home switcher which lets you set which homescreen you want as the default. Its good if you want to revert back to the sense one.
  10. Alli

    Alli New Member

    I have a Samsung Moment and recently got Panda Home I admit I'm slow w/it so if anyone can tell me a simple them preferrable blue in color I'd appreciate it. Thanks so much.
  11. yellowrose741

    yellowrose741 New Member

    OK, I am not getting any of the above !!! When I click the Home button, I just get the last 6 applications I used. So, then I went to Settings>Applications>Manage Applications> (but I have no Home) under Manage Applications. I only have Pandahome. Help please:eek:
  12. topher

    topher Member

    The only thing that really bugs me about the Panda-home is that it slows down my MyTouch 3G drastically. But, besides for those minor inconveniences its a great app.

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