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Help Pendo pad, flash, apps to sd ?????Support

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  1. pyewhacket

    pyewhacket New Member

    Hi sorry to bother you but having a few probs with the pendo pad, android 2
    1 RK2818SDK,
    I need to Install a flash player for the pendo pad with android 2.1. I tried
    the the android post adobe flash 10.1 flash player android now available, ( the first post to no avail, it did not work) I cant seem to
    view any of the movies (that came with it -free movies app,keeps telling me
    I need flash to view)

    Also have the SD card and need a prog that support 2.1 most of them are for
    2.2, for a apps to SD, I tried heaps and are not compatible.

    Ok and I fully charged before use when I got it, noticed it gets quite warm
    whilst charging and when in use, and the battery only lasted about 3 1/3 to
    4 hours b 4 going flat, is that normal.

    Got this through dodo, I actually thought it was going to be android 2.2

    Many thanks

  2. ag011090ag

    ag011090ag Active Member

    Hey mate,
    You cannot install flash on 2.1 unfortunately, and as for APP2SD you need perm root capabilitys and 2.2+.
    if you read my thread custom rom for pendo and are able to give me a rom dump i will be quiet happy to add APP2SD for all apps.
  3. pyewhacket

    pyewhacket New Member

    MMMMM bugger about the flas, cant watch movies, i would love to help but first lol, what is a rom dump and how do i you one.Cheers

  4. ag011090ag

    ag011090ag Active Member

    Hey Vicki here is the tutroial for rom dumping. :) would be greatly appreciated if you could help.. Thanks
    This is only for windows users.
    Also only for rockchip 2818 not for other ones!!!

    What do you need
    Winrar < Not included in package!
    Android drivers
    Rockchip drivers
    Rockchip flash program
    SD card or internal memory on the device self (150mb atleast)
    USB Cable

    Programs can be downloaded in this package.
    So al the progams you need are in the rar file.

    1. Preparing the device
    First install Z4Root and SU on you're device.

    Then start Z4Root and click on ''Temporary Root" he will root the device for you and after reboot you will loose the root access so don't reboot!

    After that connect you're device to an windows machine he will ask you to install drivers.

    Install the drivers and then start CMD
    (Windows XP: Start > run > CMD > Enter)
    (Windows vista and 7 Start > Type CMD > Enter)

    now locate to the ADB.exe folder i recommended to place it in the C: root.
    so type this in CMD
    cd C:

    when you are there type this command.
    adb push rkdump /data/

    After that type adb shell
    this command bring you to a terminal like command line for you device.

    Ok now watch you're device and type su in cmd.
    A popup will show up to get SU access for terminal press "allow"
    Now we can backup the FS.

    type this in cmd
    cat /proc/mtd
    a list will popup like this one

    mtd0: 00002000 00000010 "misc"
    mtd1: 00004000 00000010 "kernel"
    mtd2: 00002000 00000010 "boot"
    mtd3: 00004000 00000010 "recovery"
    mtd4: 00030000 00000010 "system"
    mtd5: 0003a000 00000010 "backup"
    mtd6: 0003a000 00000010 "cache"
    mtd7: 00100000 00000010 "userdata"
    mtd8: 00cbc000 00000010 "user"
    mtd9: 00020000 00000010 "pagecache"
    mtd10: 00020000 00000010 "swap"

    i made one red because that the line we need.

    NOTE: we need backup partition so look always to mtd number not every device have backup as mtd5 it might also be 6 or 1 or some other random number!

    Now it is time to backup!
    type this
    /data/rkdump /dev/block/mtdblock? /!!!/update.img

    place the number of the mtd on the ''?''
    if example your number is 6 use it like this

    place the destination backup folder on the !!!
    flash for the tablet internal memory
    sdcard for to backup on the sdcard

    if you did this good it will say this
    update.img found (116115456 bytes) < File size may be difference depends on device.

    after it is done it will say this
    crc found (4 bytes, 0x0709e735) < Also this could be difference

    Gongrats you backup you're FS now you can destroy you're device with custom roms!

    2. Restore you're FS

    Sometime you will see you destroy you're device what now!
    Good thing you made a backup of you're FS!
    First Hold back/ecs button on you're device just hold it and put the usb cable in it.
    (From pc to the tablet ofcourse)
    you're pc will give you a driver notice install them (included from the package)
    After that start RKAndroidBatchUpgrade.exe
    Then choose in settings you're backup and press ''Upgrade''
    Wait a few seconds or minutes and you are done.
    congrats you can use youre device again!
  5. ag011090ag

    ag011090ag Active Member

    the MTD point must be /backup for the correct update.img to be dumped.. Thanks
  6. pyewhacket

    pyewhacket New Member

    Ok will do my best, i need to format a drive and reinstall windows during the week so will do it after then ok :)
    Wish me luck
  7. ag011090ag

    ag011090ag Active Member

    Good Luck and Thanks :) looking foward to the rom dump, Would you be interested in beta testing my rom when its completed?
  8. ag011090ag

    ag011090ag Active Member

    hey hows the dump coming??

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