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HELP!! phone comes on but touch screen is unresponsiveSupport

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  1. tmonty5000

    tmonty5000 New Member

    I use my phone every day all of the time. one day, when my keyboard slides out, the screen does not work, but it did when it was slid in. After i called t-mobile and went through troubleshooting, now the screen does not work at all,but all of the physical buttons work

  2. Sprinkles169

    Sprinkles169 New Member

    I have a similair issue. However, mine just works when the keyboard is out. Other than that the screen refuses to turn on as if its a stubborn child.
  3. Arhtard

    Arhtard Well-Known Member

    this sounds like somehow the keypad file got altered.
    this file uses commands like wake, wake_dropped or nothing

    these files are located in they /system/usr/keylayout/ directory

    one other thing could be a altered build.prop file
  4. Arhtard

    Arhtard Well-Known Member

    you're sounds like a defective sensor
  5. Sprinkles169

    Sprinkles169 New Member

    That's how I felt after playing with it for a few minutes.
  6. Rattine

    Rattine New Member

    I have the exact same problem, as does my mother that got the same phone at the same time as me. My touch screen at first would only work with the keyboard out, but now is completely unresponsive. The other buttons work, though. I tried taking the battery out and turning it back on, but that didn't work. This seems to be a very common issue with this phone. Has anyone been able to fix it, or do my mother and I just need to get new phones?
  7. drea0213

    drea0213 New Member

    i have the exact same problem with my phone since yesterday. I called tmobile today and i was told that this has been a reoccurring issue and that samsung has identified it as a defect in the phone. Just call and ask for a new one!
  8. GorillaP

    GorillaP Member

    The same thing happened to me. I believe TMobile knows of the defect. I told them what happened and that looking through forums I saw hundreds of others with the same issue and that it appears to be a phone defect. They sent me a new one the next day.
  9. Noog

    Noog New Member

    It's been happening to me too.

    Also, this is strange, a few months ago, my phone started vibrating because I got a phone call, the vibration was so intense it moved itself off the counter and fell on the floor. There is a huge black "blur" that grows every day. It is covering 1/6th of the phone, and that part is totally unresponsive... Since it was my fault I didn't grab the phone in time, would I be able to ask for a new one from T-Mobile?

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