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  1. kati23

    kati23 New Member

    Ok so it's not THAT urgent, but my Phone button is gone. The one that always sits at the bottom with contacts, apps, and Messaging. Anyone know how I can get it back?
    Sorry if this is a silly question! :)

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  2. grin0048

    grin0048 Well-Known Member

    Just find the phone (dialer) app in the app drawer and long press it, the home screen will appear and you can then drag it back to the dock.
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  3. kati23

    kati23 New Member

    Thank you! I tried long holding it like I would to put any app on my home screen, but when I bring it down to where my dock is, a trash bin appears and if I let it go, it's trash. I've tried dragging it beyond the trash bin but then it just disappears. :(
  4. nunyazz

    nunyazz Well-Known Member

    What launcher are you using?
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  5. kati23

    kati23 New Member

    I figured it out!!! I'm so friggin happy. It was so annoying. I had to open the app tray and then hit the menu key and 'edit' the apps. From there I was able to simply drag it back down into my tray!
    Thanks so much for all your help. (Completely stock Fascinate)
  6. grin0048

    grin0048 Well-Known Member

    ahhh yes, forgot about that extra step in the stock launcher...glad you got it figured out.
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  7. songsbrat51

    songsbrat51 New Member

    thank you, thank you, thank you. I was going crazy. my phone icon was there yesterday and gone today. you saved me!
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  8. Namoguy

    Namoguy New Member

    Thanks guys. Only used this about twice a year hard to remember it...
  9. eperlman

    eperlman New Member

    I just had this same problem develop with my phone. BUT ... I go to the app tray and there is also no phone app or dialer app. And yet, when I go to a contact I can dial the phone and I can talk fine. So I can't just move the app back to the dock ... anyone have any idea what's going on?
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  10. eperlman

    eperlman New Member

    Just solved my own problem ... went to the app store and downloaded a free dialer app (free version of DW Dialer). Installed it, then moved it to the dock. A minute later, my old phone app is back and now I have DW Dialer as well. WEIRD. I'm ok now, but anyone have any idea why this happened and why the fix worked as it did?
  11. brandy221

    brandy221 New Member

    Ok I had the same issue and its now resolved.

    Go to Applications and then click edit (make sure customizable grid is selected) then scroll thruu your applications and go to your phone,.message and contacts logo and drag them to the very bottom beside the home icon.. Then hit menu and then save..

    What happened is that your dock icons ended up being mixed in with your applications.

    The same thing happened to me, all I had was the application dock icon and the rest was missing. Good luck! :)
  12. Ralph321

    Ralph321 New Member

    OK so there are cases when you accidentally disable an app and that is what happened to me (Galaxy s5) when the phone icon disappeared from the fixed icons on the home screen as well as from the listing of all apps. So to fix that go to All Apps and then click the three dots (menu option) on the top right and select 'Show Disabled Apps'. In there enable any of the apps related to the phone/call option (in my case it was contacts). After I enabled the contacts, the green phone icon showed up in the All Apps listing and then I believe everyone knows how to bring that to the home screen by keeping that icon clicked until it shows the option to create a shortcut on the home screen. Have fun guys and remember that there is no better dialer app out there as compared to the default app that comes with the galaxy but if this doesn't work then obviously you will have to do a reset to factory defaults and lose the data or else you can download some free custom dialer apps from Google Play and use that.

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