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  1. Don_Bertolli17

    Don_Bertolli17 New Member

    I've had my phone for a couple of months now, and haven't had any problems until now. All of a sudden, the screen had been off a couple of minutes, and when I pressed the home button the two touch buttons lit up while the screen remained off, and 1-2 seconds later the touch buttons turned off and the phone screen will not turn on.
    I pressed the unlock button on the side, and the home button, I pressed both at the same time, and tried to soft reset, yet the phone did nothing. I let the phone sit a few minutes thinking perhaps it was lagging, but when I picked it up not only did it still not work but it was extremely hot! :confused:

    The only way to get the phone to turn on is to take the battery out and power on again.

    I have searched everywhere but cannot find anyone with the same problem, any ideas from anyone?? I want to get this fixed before it gets worse

  2. frenchyssouth

    frenchyssouth New Member

    I have the EXACT same problem. Very curious as to weather anyone has a solve. went to local Verizon Store. they suggested a hard reset. Problem started after the last update pushed to the phone 2 weeks ago.
  3. megadread

    megadread New Member

    To both of you, was the phone itself (area around the SD card) hot or was it only due to the battery overheating? I know these batteries can burn extremely hot if they ignite.

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