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    Jan 5, 2012
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    (I've looked for similar threads and can't see anything which matches my problem)

    So I attempted to root my Galaxy Portal using the guide which is the third option down when googling "root samsung galaxy portal" (sorry, can't post links yet :(), and everything went as it said it should until step 4. Carrying out the selection of "apply any zip from SD card", i selected the zip file, pressed the home button and it was here problems began.

    My phone said:

    "E: Error in install_busybox dot sh
    (status 65280)
    E: Failure at line 21:
    run_program PACKAGE:install_busybox dot sh
    Installation aborted"

    Now, every time I try and reboot it or retry the whole process, the loading screen of my phone is stuck on "samdroid" and won't go any further than that :(

    Anyone got any idea how to get my phone back to any level of functunailty at all?

    Many thanks guys


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