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  1. rosengard

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    Nov 24, 2012
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    I just bought a locked Motorola Atrix HD on eBay. I purchased a micro sim card from ST hoping to be able to get it to work. Currently have service on ST with old phone.

    I inserted the new ST sim and powered up the phone, expecting to get to an "unlock code" screen. Knew phone was locked and was planning on buying an unlocked code but tried it anyway to see what would happen when I powered up the phone. To my surprise, I powered up the phone all the way to the home screen with no problem. I was able to make calls and receive text once I got the sim card activated. I cannot get he internet and mms to work despite entering the included ST settings I received with my purchase. I tried several times and have been ont he phone with ST for days to no avail.


    How come I can access phone/text on a locked phone with an AT&T compatible sim card from Straight Talk? I thought the phone has to be unlocked for that to happen.

    What if I purchase an unlocked code how do I get to the "unlock code" screen in order to type in the unlock code I get?

    Is this not working becuase the sim card I have is an AT&T compatible sim on Straight Talk and the phone is recognizing it as not being a "foreign" card? If so, why is it that phone/text is working and not internet/mms? I am able to insert and save APN settings so why isn't it working?

    Do I have to order a T-mobile micro sim straight from T-Mobile for me to get the "unlock code" screen? Is that the solution?

    I appreciate any help I can get with this matter.


  2. colnago

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    Nov 17, 2009
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    You wouldn't need an unlock code going to Straight Talk w/an AT&T phone like you would going to AT&T with a T-Mo phone, and vice-versa (as I have). If calling is working, data and text should as well. Try deleting the original at&t APN entry, so that only the ST APN is there.

    There also may be a different set of APN settings, based on your phone. My friend is having trouble with MMS on Simple Mobile with a T-Mobile Phone, as there are multiple APN configurations on the Simple support site. I'm sure Straight talk may have similar issues.
  3. sounreal

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    Nov 18, 2011
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    You are actually using a Straight Talk At&T sim card in your Atrix HD and thats why the unclock thingy is not showing up. dail this #073887* and the unclock thingy will show up.

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