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Help! Phone won't turn OFF, screen is stuckSupport

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  1. hogalita

    hogalita New Member

    I tried to unlock my phone this morning to start using it, but the screen wouldn't respond, then suddenly ANDROID came on with the moving white color flashing across the word continuously, but I can't turn the phone off or make it respond in any way. Is there an external reset button, or a way to "force close" like on a computer? I've tried holding down the power button up to almost a minute, nothing happens. Can I try taking out the battery and putting it back without the phone being completely off?... Thanks for any help!

  2. tmwwjd

    tmwwjd Member

    Your going to have to pull the battery.
  3. JVL492

    JVL492 New Member

    Same here ! The "Android" loading screen keeps repeating itself. How do i reset the phone if i can't get access to it?
  4. jefboyardee

    jefboyardee Well-Known Member

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