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HELP PLEASE - battery and screen flickering problemSupport

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  1. vlvlvl

    vlvlvl New Member

    hi everyone!!!!

    i really hope i can get some insight and help into this. i've always had some problems with my milestone 2 battery. on the first few days it lasted me for 5 hours before i started tweaking it and it's been 2 months since i bought it and my settings are as follows but can only last me 5 hours top with moderate usage and with light usage 12hours top. in the forums i see people using it heavily and still getting 24-48h HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE

    display: 5%
    wifi/bluetooth/gps/background data/location: switched off
    network: 3G
    twitter/google calendar/google contacts: manual sync
    no facebook account
    motoblur: skipped the registration

    clock widget: retro clock
    battery: battery e.t.a and circle battery (sometimes i switch them off paranoid android)
    launcher: lp lite or something they removed it from the market
    two screens:
    - one with the clock and battery and widgetsoid (sp?)
    - 11 apps

    RAM taken up on the avg: 80m/499m :(

    whenever i just check or reply a sms or whatsapp, i see the battery drop 1%. what's this!!?!

    no idea how to monitor it. i downloaded spare parts before but i see it running in the background/services so i uninstalled it.
    running services:
    widgetsoid update service (for what?)
    webroot security
    watchdog lite
    contactsdata (motorola)
    update data and time
    google seriveces framework
    global unplug
    battery manager
    data manager service
    bluetooth dun
    contracts unconnected
    multiling keyboard

    (just checking what running services made my battery drop 1%)

    task manager: omg 3rd party apps keeps popping up IT'S DRIVING ME NUTS
    lp sense ui
    watchdog lite
    multiling keyboard
    maps (I RARRRRELY USE THIS and it keeps popping up everyday)
    battery .e.t.a
    appbrain app market
    webroot security
    circle battery widget
    retro clocl
    no lock
    remote web desktop
    where's my droid

    another issue:
    how do i get my battery discharging velocity to go down? it's right now at 15.9 despite not using it the whole night.

    side note:
    i've done factory reset 2x/3x. still not really helping

    screen flickering:
    yesterday, while trying to access anything google. i.e. google sync or whatever, the screen would flicker like mad with lines. only stopped when i pressed home. had to reboot it in order to get rid of it



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