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Help please? Cannot connect i5700 to PCSupport

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  1. Jeeves86

    Jeeves86 New Member

    My phone would connect to my pc up to about a week ago, but i took it into the shop because of random shutdown probloems and when i got it back it wouldn't connect.

    I don't get a pop-up on neither my phone or my pc when USB is connected.

    i've enable 'USB Debugging mode' and searched through all the settings i can think if but to no avail :confused:

    can anyone help please?

  2. emzz1981

    emzz1981 Member

    you have the same problem as me i factory reset mine and everything which failed ive now found out that it needs to be sent off to samsung or taken to a repair center you want my advice get a new phone i am cause i have now had it with this phone driving me nuts
  3. emzz1981

    emzz1981 Member

    after messing with phone for hours i thought i would try a pc i have never had the phone connected to and it worked so i rebooted pc made sure all the drivers where remove restarted pc again plugged phone in a tada bingo problem solved :)
  4. vulcano

    vulcano Member

    mine is 2.2 but pc cannot detect i5700 i guess that i ned kies but it is said that kies wont reconize i5700. what to do?
  5. rahulvittal

    rahulvittal Well-Known Member

    Kies will not recognize 2.1 Spica , let alone 2.2 :p
    P.S: Why do you need it?

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