Help Please! No rom on Wildfire S

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  1. veleze84

    veleze84 Member

    I tried to install a different rom, but somehow clockwork mod is corrupt and sometimes it will just freeze. Tried reinstalling through adb but phone wont show up through adb devices....the thing is I did a factory reset...and the rest of the steps....except when I had to install the rom it froze and restarted...any help would be grateful...

  2. senthamil

    senthamil Well-Known Member

    You may try to return Stock ROM.
    Refer this :

    Hope this may be useful. If really press 'Thanks' :)
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  3. veleze84

    veleze84 Member

    Thats one of the things I tried....I ran into different errors...
    error [140]: bootloader version error
    remote signature verify fail
    and others.....
    but got it all worked out from lots of researching :D

    the driver I got from PdaNet
    from the stock rom ruu I extracted and flashed the recovery.img, system.img, and boot.img as trying to flash the itself gave me a bootloader version error....the thing is I could do it through regular fastboot had to do it through Running the command "fastboot oem rebootRUU"

    got that info from Using fastboot without ENG or S-OFF - xda-developers

    that should be most of what I did incase someone runs into the same problem

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