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  1. Freak101

    Freak101 Member

    hi there, i have become incredibly annoyed with the fact that i cant connect my phone to my pc. i have a htc sensation XL, and i am using the same cable that came in the box with the phone, it connects to my old computer running windows 7, but not my new one (unfortunately old comp is dying on its arse, so not an option for syncing my phone to it!) i know previously that when i plugged my phone in, the phone would ask me how i wanted to connect, but on nnew comp i get absolutely nothing, no icon in the top task bar to allow me to change my connection, nothing, i am at my wits end with it now, and have been googling for answers over a couple of months now, so open to any suggestions!

  2. Lowey5

    Lowey5 Active Member

    Hi, I would guess that the "don't ask me again" has been ticked so they only way to get it back is to factory reset, then plug into your new pc.

    make sure you do a full back up, especially photos to something like dropbox, googledrive etc, the rest is in your google account.

    I'm not 100% this will cure it but it does seem plausible.
  3. Freak101

    Freak101 Member

    thanks for your reply, however, if i setup my old comp and plug the phone in, it recognises my htc straight away.
    hmm. now i have said it like this, i would think it is less to do with the phone, and more to do with the pc!

    any further tips?
  4. Freak101

    Freak101 Member

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