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  1. HayleyMadison

    HayleyMadison Member

    I only have the 200mb data plan-
    1) if I set up the Google account but don't use it for email or anything else (i only want to set it up to download free games and apps) will it use up my data even though im not checking email or anything?

    2)Everytime i use a game o r use an app will it use up my data.

    I'm basically worried about my data since I dont have that much PLEASE HELP )::(

  2. tednet

    tednet Member

    go into settings > data manager
    see how much data you are using up
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  3. HayleyMadison

    HayleyMadison Member

    It won't show me how much. But if i set up my google account just to get free games but disable the syncing for gmail, will it use up all my data if i dont sync updates or anything?

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