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  1. Magic_TIM

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    How to upgrade HTC Magic TIM to HTC Sense for HTC Magic?
    I received an HTC Magic Tim Italia and i am tryn to update it to
    ROM Version:3.05.401.3 but when i go to the official website HTC Magic - ROM Upgrade with HTC Sense for HTC Magic
    i follow the all the steps but when it tell me to enter my S/N i did and it tell me
    Sorry, this software download is not suitable for your device.
    Can anyone tell me if it is another way to upgrade it?
    Thank you.

  2. Without knowing your phone current state, I am going to assume you have a perfected SPL. You will need to research how to change that for your phone for starters. Read the wiki's for HTC magic to get more info.
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  3. Magic_TIM

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    Is 32A Firmaware 1.5 , Baseband version 62.525.18U_3.22.20.17
    Kernel version 2.6.27-357975db.
    Can you tell me where i can download the new Rom sense ui.
    Thank you

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