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  1. liljc

    liljc Member

    some one please help me.. i think my phone may be bricked

    Okay... so I try and use my camera on my lg Etna, and it wont work, i try to access the internet and that wont work, i try to take my phone off of airplane mode and of coarse that wont work, my gallery wont open, i cant access the torch app, and i cant put music on my phone, and when i plug my phone into the computer i get "device is not fully installed" when i do have every thing on there but it still wont work.. what the f*** man?? can some one please help me??: :confused::confused::confused::confused::mad:

  2. olbriar

    olbriar Moderator Moderator

    It doesn't sound bricked but very messed up. Can you take it back to your provider and see if you can get some satisfaction? A bricked phone will not boot up.
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  3. liljc

    liljc Member

    ok thankxx

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