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Help please

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  1. TheMidnightMag

    TheMidnightMag New Member

    I have a new Samsung Conquer 4G that i need an app for. The app that I need is like PDAReach for the palm phones. I want to be able to control my phone from my PC when I have it "Docked".

    a. Is there such a program yet for this phone?
    b. If there is where do I get it and what's it called? :confused:

  2. sromero1160

    sromero1160 New Member

    Hi please help me how can I root my phone. I tired Gingerbreak zroot it didn't work. Please help thank you
  3. aboatright

    aboatright Well-Known Member

    What version do you have? I tried one click root with no go...but...it can be done with odin and ops files...I will upload the odin files to mediafire and release it in all things root section with details on how to get a rooted phone with Cwm recovery. :)
  4. brienj

    brienj Member

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