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  1. raol

    raol Active Member

    i have a samsung galaxy y(v.2.3.6). i got it updated recently 2 version ddkl1 and the first thing i noticed was that the icons had changed. the memo app icon and the dialer on the home screen in the default launcher had changed. has anyone experiencd the same or am i the only one? :'( :p please post screen shots if available. and THANK YOU :D

  2. hypd09

    hypd09 Well-Known Member

    Why the title "Help!! Please!!" ?? :/
  3. vner06

    vner06 Member

    Well, it's just normal
  4. SylentEcho

    SylentEcho Active Member

    It's normal dude. Secondly, the phone runs a whole lot better now.

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