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  1. tuckkcut

    tuckkcut Well-Known Member

    to start off this phone is pretty cool im coming from an htc wildfire s, when i was given this phone(i fix computers and the guy had no cash he just had this)but the screen was cracked but still working just fine....what i want to know is that if i replace the digitizer will i experience any problems,my htc had a cracked screen(by me)and i bought a digitizer off of eBay and amazon they both had problems with trying to unlock,text, and move apps around has anyone replaced this phones screen and had problems?

  2. nasstyrome

    nasstyrome Well-Known Member

    if you bought it off ebay and had problems with it theres 2 things that coudve gone wrong in one sense.
    1. defective hardware:(
    2. bad installation:mad:

    if you install a correct replacement digitizer, thats it. its basically plug and play if you know the term.;)
    if you dont, plug it in the board and play with your phone. :D
  3. tuckkcut

    tuckkcut Well-Known Member

    ment to be more specific the first one i bought off of amazon just completely stopped working the day after it was a refund, bought a slightly more expensive one off of ebay and i only had problems the first 2 days after that is was smooth sailing, but if you look on ebay there are a ton of replacements:[​IMG]Samsung Admire Rookie R720 Vitality Digitizer Touch Screen (Metro PCS Logo) | eBay- this is a 21$ one and then there is this[​IMG]OEM Metro PCS Logo Samsung Admire R720 Front Panel Touch Glass Screen Digitizer | eBay
    this one is 121$ so i dont know i dont want to blow a ton of money but i dont want to be scammed, if anyone has bought a replacement and know for a fact it works could you post a link much thanks
  4. nasstyrome

    nasstyrome Well-Known Member

    when dealing with hardware always go for OEM.
    thats an original equipment manufacturer product meaning either hardware pulled from a device or hardware from a factory and guaranteed to be compatible.
    with any hardware, go for oem even if the price is a little bit more than the other. itd suck to buy something off ebay and have to go through the process of shipping it back.
  5. tuckkcut

    tuckkcut Well-Known Member

    but a 100$ difference thats almost like buying a new phone
  6. nasstyrome

    nasstyrome Well-Known Member

    i missed the 1 in front of the 121, for that price you might as well get the new phone..

    however, comparing products - theyre the same, hope the cheaper one doesnt have scratches.
    they both look like good quality and i dont discourage buying the cheaper one in this situation. it makes complete sense.

    as far as oem goes, i stand by it, but only when the price is reasonable.

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  7. tuckkcut

    tuckkcut Well-Known Member

    Thank you lol yeah the wildfire s's seccond screen i bought was from skystartrade was fine no scratches for any nicks so i might buy that one, thank you for the help.
  8. nasstyrome

    nasstyrome Well-Known Member

    Glad to help !

    Let me know how it turns out.


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