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  1. tmoofbankave

    tmoofbankave New Member

    Yooo uhm yeah i got the quattro 4g from metropcs nd i really need to root it
    because most of the things i want to do require the phone to be rooted :0 plzz hlp

  2. pcwebiz

    pcwebiz Active Member

    I have had my CoolPad Quattro 4g for 3 days now. Today I was charging my phone. The battery was at 39%. I noticed while charging it that MENU, HOME, BACK and SEARCH KEYS would not function at all. When I reached 90% charge I unplugged my phone, still those keys do not function and have not functioned since. The screen works fine.

    So I decided to send the phone back to metropcs. I need to wipe my user data. I can not push the home key to put the phone in recovery mode. My CoolPad worked for three days and suddenly without warning no work.

    If you are thinking about buying the this phone and the 4 inch screen doesn't have you sold already look at the cost of this phone and then watch this BENCHMARK TEST VIDEO.
    Educate yourself to make better buying descisions WATCH. I wouldn't be witting this post or returning this phone if I had done my homework first. :0

    My 2cents
  3. NGD1

    NGD1 Well-Known Member

    I did a quick sweep and couldn't find a Rooting Method for your device
    though please PM em and i will try to find a solution as soon as possible.
  4. kunalghorpade

    kunalghorpade New Member

    hi i have coolpad 7019 and i am not able to install market .

    please give me solution

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