Help plz with my nexus s

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  1. sambasam

    sambasam New Member

    Hi im from the uk and was wondering if you could help me.
    Ive just bought a nexus s unlocked and its been rooted to have 4.0.4 on it,now if i factory reset the phone will i lose 4.0.4?
    And do you have any idea when the real ics id out in the uk?

  2. sambasam

    sambasam New Member

    come on guys 115 views someone must know
  3. monsterduc1000

    monsterduc1000 Well-Known Member

    Try not to be so impatient. Lots of the people viewing your thread may not know and it has only been a few hours.

    To answer your question though, no it will not.

    4.0.4 is the real ICS. Someone was just tech savvy enough to be able to get it on there manually before the ota update for your region was released.
  4. bfksc

    bfksc Well-Known Member

    No, a factory reset will clear the phone settings and reset it back to factory defaults with the same version installed. It doesn't reset to previous versions, only the current version installed on the phone.
    The official stock v4.0.4 is rolling out now in an over the air (OTA) firmware update. If the phone is rooted, running the update will remove root and return the phone to stock.

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