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  1. Davidcvy

    Davidcvy Member

    Hi there my name is David Chung...From Malaysia. I Had A SE Xperia X8 that i want to Upgrade to 2.3 if can coz my phone V.2.1-update1.. I try to look from youtube and many wep site... and download many of xRecovery but in the end i still can't use it...pls i need some help to my guide me to install properly...sorry if i have typing wrong...

  2. jusdave

    jusdave New Member

    i don think 2.3 is stabil lo..i jus upgrade into android froyo..but still finding how to use this new kind of version..
  3. Davidcvy

    Davidcvy Member

    can you guide me to install it???
  4. tanabe

    tanabe Well-Known Member

  5. Davidcvy

    Davidcvy Member

    To >> tanabe
    about the Busybox i already download from Android Market But i can't install it...
    help me.....
  6. tanabe

    tanabe Well-Known Member

    the one at the market is a busybox installer, open the app and select the latest busybox version and download it.. i dont think there will be a busybox icon at the app drawer on you phone, coz i downloaded and there was no busybox icon but i had no problems changing ROMs and so dont worry about it too much k..

    p/s: there was an app that i forgot the name, and it detected that i had busybox installed (eventhough i dont see its icon)
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  7. Davidcvy

    Davidcvy Member

    i Can start up my phone after my upgarde.....pls i need some one to help me

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