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  1. androidrox123

    androidrox123 Member


    I have a Lg optimus 3d also known as the Thrive 4g and for some apps I try to download it says 'There is a problem parsing the package.' I have tried re downloading them and still the same thing.

    Someone, please help me!


  2. ZeroOne

    ZeroOne Guest

    If you're seeing "Parse Error: There is a problem parsing the package" after downloading and attempting to install Root Mobile on your Android device you'll need to allow installation of applications from Unknown sources, also known as non-Market apps.

    To enable or disable install of non-Market applications on your Android device:
    1. Tap Home
    2. Tap Menu
    3. Tap Settings
    4. Tap Applications
    5. Tap Unknown sources checkbox to allow/disallow install of non-Market apps
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  3. soulclaimed

    soulclaimed Member

    This does not resolve the issue as I am having the same issue, I thought of trying what you have suggested however I am still receiving the error message... Please can someone answer this as this is becoming frustrating and I have not found answers anywhere....
  4. amh1000

    amh1000 Member


    I have the same problem......can't seem to find a solution to this. Crazy stuff :):)
  5. AndyOpie150

    AndyOpie150 <strong> <a href=" Contributor

    Have you tried this: Go to applications/management. Select the All tab. Find the market and delete/clear data and cache. If y'all have a download manager then find it and do the same thing.
    Download a cache cleaner and run it through all the options making sure you clear the app caches as well.
    Make sure "allow unknown sources" is checked.
    Go to your browser and clear the caches in it as well.
    If that doesn't work try the "Market Fix" from the PlayStore.
  6. FreakinGenius

    FreakinGenius New Member

    I'm getting the same problem.
    I solved it by disabling the anti-virus program before downloading the apk file
    hope this works with you
  7. jsmjr88

    jsmjr88 New Member

    Hi, sorry I'm not exactly answering your question but I'm actually asking you a favor if you could possibly post the WeatherClockWidget of your Optimus 3D. I would like to try it in my Optimus L7. I believe you have already rooted your device and can extract this file. Thanks.
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  8. noster239

    noster239 New Member

    I to have this problem. I have tried all the solutions above and still get the same message. I'm not sure why but under the applications settings the is no "allow unkwown sources" thing. I am on a samsung captivate firmware version 2.1 update 1, kernel version 2.6.29 . To add it is not connect to any service an dis strictly wifi only therefore i have not been able to get any updates and things like that. By the way does your phone need to be rooted to install an .APK?:confused::confused:
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  9. Cactus404

    Cactus404 New Member

    Download application installer from Google Play Store

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