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help, problems with s noteSupport

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  1. khangalaxy

    khangalaxy Member

    Hi guys
    This is my first post. Last night I updated my software, got the latest firmware update for my galaxy note. I believe it was called ice cream. Anyways, since then my s note has been giving Me huge problems. My hand seems to enlarge the page even when the option for disabling hand movement is on, therefore it is on stylus mode only, and i can zoom in and out with my fingers, before it would ignore all touch except from the stylus. This never happen before, because I use s note all the time. If I avoid enlarging the screen then it tries to crumple the page up, as this seems to be a new feature.
    Can any one help me out here, are you having the same problems?

  2. lynnwilliam

    lynnwilliam Well-Known Member

    Factory reset the phone might solve the issue. The option is found in the settings.
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  3. khangalaxy

    khangalaxy Member

    Ive realised it is called jelly bean. I cant seem to solve me problem, anyhelp is much appre iated
  4. khangalaxy

    khangalaxy Member

    Its the Samsung galaxy note 10.1 , not a phone
  5. ChrisENote

    ChrisENote Active Member

    What you describe does sound like Some new features in Jellybean, They also Confused the hell out of me when it was loaded.

    what I suggest is try to learn wht Movements activate what features and adapt yourself to the features and you'll find there are lots of benifits. l think the stylus Mode only feature is better now as It allows navigation without leaving edit Mode. The crumple still catches me out though.

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