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  1. Spiderine

    Spiderine Member

    HI, I'm sorry if this question has already been answered. I've searched hi and low and have really become clueless.....

    I'm very new to Android and emulation as easy as it looks, isn't really that easy.

    I've had a look at several guides and they have just confused me even more.

    I have the sony xperia play, with the psx4droid app installed with the scph1001.bin bios installed.

    I've tried putting 3 games onto my sd card.

    Tekken 3
    Crash Bash

    They are all bin files. I have used the unecm app to convert them.

    THE PROBLEM IS that every time i try to play a game, it tries loading the game but then goes back to the sd card select rom screen. It's almost like it's crashing. I REAALLLLYY NEED HELP!

    Please help, if you require any more information, i'd be glad to find out what you need and post it back up. A lot of people are having the same problem so hopefully we can get everything sorted out in this thread.

    Thanks in Advance

  2. Spiderine

    Spiderine Member

    I found the answer. Psx4droid is rubbish... Just switched to FPse make sure you get the latest version otherwise you may hit random problems.
  3. shaun123

    shaun123 New Member

    did you get rayman to work if so how cheers
  4. Spiderine

    Spiderine Member

    Rayman doesn't seem to work it loads up until the ubisoft screen and then freezes. I would recommend you try looking for other Roms as I think some are just Sh*t.

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