help root fail galaxy s i9000

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  1. jonnas1982

    jonnas1982 Member

    Hello AF.
    I have tried to root my phone and something went wrong, so I pulled my phone out of my computer and shut it down.
    When I now try to start it, it just shows this [​IMG]
    I really hope some of you can help me.
    - Jonas

  2. jonnas1982

    jonnas1982 Member

  3. breadnatty08

    breadnatty08 pain rustique VIP Member

    Was it in the middle of the process of rooting? What had your computer said?
    This is one of the few times you can really brick your device (unplugging while in the process of rooting/unlocking).
  4. jonnas1982

    jonnas1982 Member

    Yea it was in the middel of the rooting proses
    and the last thing it said was something with "zImage"
    I think i might have put the file on my phone in a earlier try on rooting it
  5. jonnas1982

    jonnas1982 Member

    i have btw acceses to download mode, if that can help in any way
  6. jonnas1982

    jonnas1982 Member

  7. joshy862

    joshy862 New Member

    Hey, i have just got the same problem!!!, how do i fix? please help!!! :)
  8. jonnas1982

    jonnas1982 Member

    See the link i posted earlier :)

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