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help root my htc wildfire

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  1. shash3105

    shash3105 New Member

    hi guys,
    I have purchased a htc wildfire one year ago.now i want to root it..what will be the best and the fastest ROM for me..??
    my phone specs are--

    HBOOT version-->1.01.0002
    Serial Number--->HT11FPY-----
    android version-->2.2.1
    model--->Htc Wildfire A3333 S-ON

    Am i able to root my phone..??if yes,please provide me with a simple step guide,..it will be really helpful..

    thnx guys,

  2. ChryzaorFlux

    ChryzaorFlux Well-Known Member

    Yes you are able to root your Wildfire

    Just click on the link in my signature on how to root, read the entire thread because there is some valuable info there.
    Or click here
    When i rooted i started which a stock sense ROM, Rempuzzle, there are many ROMs out there, it just you finding the one that you like.
    CyanogenMod (a ROM) is better for customisation and great scripts but it doesn't have sense and there isnt a version thats bug free
    And when your done, check my thread on stuff to do when rooted, which is in my signature
  3. AgentMos

    AgentMos New Member

    Hi, I'm new to rooting. I want to root my phone so I have been trawling through a few threads but I'm finding it hard to find a method that I'm confident will work for me. I bought my wildfire less than a year ago.

    HBoot version - 1.01.0002
    Device Serial Number - HT156TC
    Android version - 2.2.1
    Model number - HTC A3335 (assuming S-ON)

    Can someone point me toward a root method & ROM that will work for me?
  4. ChryzaorFlux

    ChryzaorFlux Well-Known Member

    Have you tried this method? --->Here<---
    You probably might want to use a >CyanogenMod ROM< if you want to start doing much more customisations that you previously could. Or you can start with a standard sense ROM like >Wildpuzzle ROM< and do some research about rooted phones before changing to an AOSP ROM like CyanogenMod

    When you are rooted check out my thread >here< it just shows loads of stuff you can do with a rooted Wildfire
  5. ashokraj23

    ashokraj23 New Member

    so if we downgrade to HBOOT 0001, will the OS be the same. ?
    I mean I will loose all my data right?
    is there no other way than losing my OS?
    even if I root it after getting it to 0001, can I revert it back to HBOOT 0002 & Froyo 2.2.1?
  6. ChryzaorFlux

    ChryzaorFlux Well-Known Member

    For Wildfire downgrading your hboot is a must if your going to follow those instructions, you cant root with hboot 1.01.002 because of HTC. When you downgrade, yes your OS will be the same but then later when you use the RUU, you will downgrade your OS to Android 2.1.
    Well if you think about it there is software available so you can backup various data like MyBackup for contacts, calender, apps, alarm settings, bookmarks and others, and you can use GoSMS for backing up your text messages
    Which you can all restore after you've finished rooting.

    Yes you will lose all your data on your device but your sdcard will be safe.

    If you want your old hboot back, then that means losing all your root privileges and going back to your original phone (without the data)
    If you want Froyo 2.2.1, then you can still have root but you have to flash a ROM that has Android 2.2.1

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