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HELP Rooting an Enjoy ATV1200 TV box

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  1. warrjon

    warrjon New Member

    I am new to Android and this forum. So Hi All.

    I recently bought an Enjoy ATV1200 media box to replace my HTPC. One issue I have with it is it's poor user interface. I have to turn the TV on to control the unit.

    I would like to install an app that allows me remote desktop (like Windows VNC). One I have found is Droidmote but this requires root access.

    I have searched now for a couple of days but have been unable to find anything on how to root this device.

    It is running JB 4.1

    thanks Warren

  2. Unforgiven

    Unforgiven -.. --- - / -.. .- ... .... Moderator

    Welcome to Android Forums Warren.:)

    I moved this to the Google TV forum so you can get some better eyes on it.:)
  3. warrjon

    warrjon New Member

    Thanks I wasn't sure if I posed in the right section
  4. Unforgiven

    Unforgiven -.. --- - / -.. .- ... .... Moderator

    No worries, its a big forum. You weren't in a bad spot, but I think you'll get better help here.:)
  5. Dual_HD

    Dual_HD Well-Known Member

    try xbmc on it, then you will have some fun
    warrjon likes this.
  6. warrjon

    warrjon New Member

    I want to dispose of my HTPC and want to use the Droid with my external HD. As I understand XBMC streams from a NAS or Win PC. Am I correct??
  7. warrjon

    warrjon New Member

    I did some research on XBMC and loaded it on my box - works great and does about 90% of what I was after.
  8. DrFroyo

    DrFroyo Member

    You didnt have the alternative UI on? Otherwise its much the same as any Jellybean tablet or even phone for that matter...

    Im using XBMC for android, so have the best of both worlds.. fully blown media centre which handles all my hd stuff,, and all my apps making my tv smarter! :)

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